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Official: Free Fire City Open Teams Selection Update

Free Fire City Open: Free Fire City Open is a new city-based esports tournament, by the Free Fire India Official. The four-month event is scheduled to start on April 30th and will feature a massive prize pool of ₹60,00,000.

On 30th April 2021, Garena conducted the Free Fire City Open(FFCO) qualifiers using Free Fire Cup (FFC). Members from DaddyFFGaming, Tripura#boys, SCRIPTERS_FF, NSG STAR, FF-SEVEN_H, BlackPearl, -RGXARMY- and vipdangerboys were detected by the in-game anti-hack system to have used hacks. These members were banned consequently, and the teams are disqualified from FFCO.

The top 3000 teams in FFC have been shortlisted for the second round of data verification. After the second round of data verification, teams will be placed into their respective city or wildcard finals based on their residency. The 12 highest scoring teams from a city will be placed into their corresponding city finals and the 12 highest scoring teams that do not represent any of the 8 cities in FFCO will be placed into the wildcard finals.

Furthermore, please take note that the in-game mail is for Garena to collect more information and do a more thorough verification before confirming the teams for the city and wildcard finals. Receiving the in-game mail does not guarantee you a spot in FFCO. Stay tuned to the official pages and check your in-game mail and submit your team details promptly. Failure to respond will be deemed as forfeiting your chance to play in FFCO.

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(With inputs Garena Free Fire India Discord Server)