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Who is the No.1 Character of Free Fire in 2021?

Undoubtedly Garena Free Fire’s new updates are making the game more attractive to the players. Free Fire already has 39 unique characters in its game, among them, 16 are female characters and 23 male characters. Each of the Free Fire characters has their unique ability which is completely different from any other character.

Before the Free Fire OB27 Update, players were considering Chrono character as one of the best character in Free Fire. But after the update seems like Chrono is losing his popularity due to the minor changes in its ability. On the other hand, Free Fire has made Wukong so much powerful that now almost 7/10 players are playing with this fictional in-game character.

Who is the No.1 Character of Free Fire in 2021?

To give you a straight answer, Dj Alok is still the No.1 Character of Free Fire in 2021. However, Wukung, Chrono and other characters come following by Dj Alok character.

We know that this might be or not surprised you but we have a explanation on why we have chosen Dj Alok as the No.1 Character of Free Fire in 2021.

Dj Alok was originally introduced in Free Fire on 11th November 2019. From then still this character have its own popularity and unique ability which helps players for the battle field. Even before the update many players had used Dj Alok in Free Fire India Championship 2021. Not but the least, it is the only character which had a huge demand than any other characters at a time. We haven’t seen such demand for any other characters in Free Fire till yet.

Some other top characters of Free Fire are:

  1. Chrono or CR7
  2. Wukung
  3. K
  4. XAYNE
  5. Kelly

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