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Valorant Replication Mode: Know about the new Replication game mode in Valorant and release dates

Valorant Replication Mode: Riot Games, the developer of A 5v5 character based tactical shooter video game published a new teaser of a new upcoming game mode Replication in Valorant. Riot Games made this public announcement on May 9, 2021, from their official Twitter account @PlayVALORANT.

Till yet there are no official details from the game developer on how the upcoming Replication mode works in the Valorant game. Riot Games just publicly posted the teasers that indicate what to expect from the mode.

In the 12-second video that Riot posted, we can see 12 Brimstone smokes throughout the A Site on Breeze. Perhaps it will be a mode where all players will be locked into the same agent similar to the One For All mode in Riot Games’ MOBA title League of Legends. 

Valorant Replication Mode: Release Date

As same for the game mode details Riot Games haven’t announced anything about the Valorant Replication Mode release dates. “Riot Games usually does not tease its content releases too far ahead of time. With Valorant patch 2.09 expected to go live later this month, the new game mode could be out along with Patch 2.09, later in May 2021.”, reported by AFKGaming.

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