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5 things you must do after downloading Minecraft | Minecraft Guide

Downloaded Minecraft? Then welcome you to this blocky world. Most players just have seen games to play Minecraft on the streaming platforms. But when you come to the real world of Minecraft, you just can be confused.

When you complete downloading Minecraft, there are a lot more things to do, a lot more things to explore and obviously survive to enjoy the whole world. In this article, we will be using Minecraft Java Edition as our Minecraft world.

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5 things to do after downloading Minecraft

Let’s have a look at the top 5 things you must do after downloading Minecraft for the first time.

1. Install and start the game

Sound silly, but yes the first thing to do is install the game and start the game right after downloading the Minecraft launcher. Then click on the Play button to start playing Minecraft.

2. Customize Options

Minecraft comes with some default settings. Just click on the Options tab to see its settings. You can customize skins, audio and music volumes, graphics, controls, language etc settings as per your need. Explore the options tab to find out the settings for each customizable experience.

Please don’t increase game brightness too much, it may fill dark areas with light. So, keep this brightness point in my mind.

3. Create New World

If you haven’t played Minecraft before then you start with singleplayer mode. Create your new world as follows:

  • Game Mode: Survival
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Allow Cheats: Depends upon you
  • Data Packs: Choose default
  • Game Rules: Leave it as default
  • More World Options: Leave it as default

Finally, click on the “Create New World”.

As soon as you click on create new world button, you will be randomly spawned anywhere in the blocky world. Your Minecraft journey begins from here!

Obviously, you can carry on your gameplay in Minecraft after creating a new world. You can also find more Minecraft guides.

4. Invite Friends

If any of your friends are on Minecraft you can also invite him to join your world or you can join your friend’s world to enjoy a multiplayer experience. Open world games give a better experience if being played with others.

Check the Multiplayer option on the home screen to join your friends’ server.

5. Keep the game updated

With every new update, Mojang adds many things in the game. So, don’t forget to update the game before every time you play. It will not just add more features in the game, but will also fix previous bugs and glitches.

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